Family of 7 shares 2-bedroom apartment

It’s not easy for seven people to live in a two-bedroom apartment, but they’re all leaning on each other even as setbacks set in.

Four generations are making do: Mom, Dad, their 2-year old daughter, Mom’s parents, her uncle, and grandmother.

Mom has a bachelor’s degree in social science. She, her uncle, and her mother work full-time.

Mom’s father is a Marine veteran who suffers from a mental disorder and was recently put on full bed rest for a health issue.

Dad suffered an accident at work, so he’s now a stay-at-home dad watching after their two-year old, his father-in-law, and grandmother-in-law.

Mom and Dad have been trying to save up so they can get their own place, while also trying to pay off Mom’s college loan.

Their wish list includes bedding, clothing, slippers, and maybe a nice holiday dinner.  Continue reading “LAULIMA STORY: DECEMBER 1, 2016: LS-270”


Evicted family of 4 saves up for new home

A young family of four suddenly found themselves evicted, through no fault of their own, and they’re determined to get back on their feet.

Four months ago, Mom, Dad, their 5-month-old daughter, and two-and-a-half-year-old son had to move out of a home they were renting with their family members because those family members weren’t paying their portion of the rent. So they all got evicted.

Mom, Dad, baby, and toddler stayed in their car for a time, then in the living room of Mom’s sister and her family.

Mom and Dad both work full-time, but they don’t have enough savings for a first and last month’s down payment to rent an apartment. Continue reading “LAULIMA STORY: NOVEMBER 30, 2016: LS-273”


Single mother approved for housing with 4 daughters, granddaughter

A single mother has much to be thankful for this holiday season as she has a chance to start anew, finally finding housing for her and her girls.

Mom is a single mother of four girls and a granddaughter. She works full-time and receives no financial support from Dad.

She and her girls were living with her father in Kona, but earlier this year he passed away.

Mom has been struggling to get on her feet, but has been approved for county housing and can move in this month. She could use bathroom items, home furnishings, towels and bedding, and she’s excited to be able to cook with her daughters, so she would be grateful for any kind of kitchenware and baking items.

They all love spending time at the beach. Her 13-year old would love a fishing pole and tackle box plus anything Oakland Raiders. Continue reading “LAULIMA STORY: NOVEMBER 29, 2016: LS-288”


Single father must care for paralyzed mom, 9-year-old daughter

In the last three years, a man lost his wife and became caregiver to his mom as well as his child.

Three years ago, his 31-year old wife was diagnosed with stage three kidney cancer. One month later, he needed back surgery. Six months later, his wife passed away.

Earlier this year, his mother suffered a severe spinal cord injury and became paralyzed. She receives 12 hours of home care per week, but her son, who is an only child, is her primary caregiver. He prepares meals, cleans the home, and bathes her.

He still works his full-time job at the same company he’s been at for 18 years, but because he has to care for his mom and daughter, he’s had to step down as an assistant manager.

Dad says his dream is to redo the shower to accommodate his mom. Until then, he could use a rolling stool to help him move around as he cares for her. It would take the pressure off his back. Continue reading “LAULIMA STORY: NOVEMBER 28, 2016: LS-290”


Woman, grandchildren cope with emotional loss, financial support

Grandparents sometimes find themselves being parents again, and that’s the case with this Laulima family.

A grandmother lost her partner and her grandchildren lost the closest thing they had to a father.

For 10 years, a sister and brother have been raised by their grandmother, who’s had custody of her grandchildren. The woman had help raising them from her long-time partner, who treated the children like his own, and whom they loved as well.

But, tragically, he recently lost his two-year battle with cancer. Continue reading “LAULIMA STORY: NOVEMBER 25, 2016: LS-272”

Laulima Story: November 24, 2016: LS265

Daughter battles cancer as mom recovers from hepatitis A

A woman who contracted hepatitis A was on the road to recovery when she found out her one-year-old daughter had cancer.

She’ll likely be in the hospital for her birthday and the holidays.

When Mom and Dad took her to the doctor in August, blood tests confirmed an aggressive form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

Their daughter started chemotherapy right away, but then she caught a cold and respiratory virus, which led to respiratory failure. Doctors put her on an artificial lung machine, so her lungs could rest and recover while going through other treatments, including plasma exchange and dialysis. Continue reading “Laulima Story: November 24, 2016: LS265”

Laulima Story: November 23, 2016: LS266

Young, single mom struggles to pay college tuition

A single mother is determined to make a better life for her daughter and she is very close to the next step, getting her college degree.

But as often happens in life, there was a setback.

Mom is just 22 years old and has a two-year old daughter. They live in a rented room in a three-bedroom home with six other adults.

Mom works two part-time jobs and goes to the University of Hawaii at Manoa part-time. She hopes to graduate with a degree in civil engineering in a year and a half.

Mom recently got hit with a $2,000 bill for the spring semester. She had received a scholarship, but couldn’t fulfill its demands of a full-time schedule.

Dad sees their daughter once a week, but does not help financially.

Mom cuts where she can and is working more hours. Friends and family help with childcare.

Mom’s not asking for gifts, but a gas card would be very helpful, and for her daughter, baby wash/shampoo, sandals size 8 and clothes size 2 or 3 would be appreciated.

To help, click here and use the Ohana code LS-266.

If you need assistance this holiday season, or want more information on the Laulima Giving Program, please call 808-393-4981 or email

Laulima Story: November 22, 2016: LS286

Family struggles to make ends meet after dad suffers stroke


Fishpond volunteers as young as 8 battle cancer

Shore seems to be the perfect name for an 8-year-old who loves the water. She and her family volunteer at the 800-year-old He‘eia Fishpond.

Shore’s mother, Jazmin Hong, fiercely nurtures a healthy and active life for her four children, soon to be five, “focusing on aina-based learning and promoting kids to have skills to feed themselves, so the fishpond is a big influence and part of that.”

But as Hong learned, cancer spares no lifestyle.

“(Shore) was in the middle of diving, snorkeling and farming, and she seemed perfectly normal. She just had a distended stomach, but nothing to complain of or anything,” Hong said. “But I just felt like something was wrong so I just kept taking her back to the doctor.”

Shore was diagnosed with stage three Burkitt lymphoma, a rapidly progressing cancer that starts in immune cells. Shore began three months of intense chemotherapy and scans now show she’s tumor-free.

“The one thing that she just wants to feel normal,” Hong said.

Fishing out predators is normal for Shore. Every second and fo Continue reading “MONDAY NOVEMBER 21: LS300, LS301, LS302”