Toy Drive/Fundraiser Suggestions

Toy Drive/Fundraiser Suggestions

Any Company/School That Donates $1,500 Or More Will Be Able to Present the Gift to the Family on Live TV!


  • Make the Grade- Students get pledges for every A & B they earn at the beginning of each quarter from family, friends, and neighbors.
  • Start a Collection- Every class gets a jar and the children bring in change/money and add it to the jar. The class with the most money can be recognized at a school assembly.
  • Eat For a Cause– Ask a restaurant to donate 10% of their profits on a designated night and in exchange they get advertising for the cause at the restaurant. Have the teachers help hand out flyers. Students can encourage family to eat dinner at the specific restaurant (e.g. McDonalds Night)
  • Pump It Up- Ask a gas station if teachers or parents can pump gas for donations.
  • Cook Book- Ask the children to bring in their family’s/keiki’s best recipe, put together the recipes to create a cookbook, then sell it.
  • Car Wash- Teachers/students/parents can participate in a car wash at their school.
  • New to Me Book or Toy Sale- Ask students/families to bring in their old books/toys and have a used book or toy sale.


  • Company Online Fundraising Page- Advertise on Social Media
  • Competition- Create a competition within employees/departments on whomever raises the most money wins a prize.
  • Prize Drawing- Each gift donated earns you one raffle ticket. At the end of a set time, draw raffle tickets for a prize.
  • Cook Book- Have employees bring in their best recipe and put it all together to create a cook book, then sell it.
  • Company Car Wash- Employees can participate in a car wash at their local business.
  • Silent Auction- Have employees bring in a slightly used item or a new item for a silent auction.
  • Company Yard Sale- Have employees/families bring their used items together and have a Company Yard Sale.
  • Christmas Bring a Gift- Instead of a Company Grab-Bag/Secret Santa, have the employees bring in a toy or monetary gift. To encourage every one to participate, offer a company matching gift for each donation.


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