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Assisting Underprivileged Families Year Round

We are getting ready for our new “ADOPT A FAMILY” Season 2023 and are searching for companies or private people who are willing to support a family or individual. This year we are looking forward to help 200-300 families and depend on your kindness and generosity. You can apply until Sep. 29th. Simply fill out our online form below.

The Laulima Giving Program is a partnership between Keiki O Ka ‘Aina Family Learning Centers and KHON2. The essence of Laulima is to bring the community together, with many hands, for the good of others.

When you choose to join hands with the Laulima Giving Program, we provide you with the specifications of a single family and suggested gift requests. As a participating donor, we ask that you provide a $50 gift per person listed on the form. A meal, food basket, blankets, bed sheets, towels, household items, bathroom items, make up, socks, shoes, slippers, sport items, family games, beach games, new unwrapped gift or gift certificates are excellent ideas for gifts.

It is our hope that all participants, both the giver and the receiver, experience the true spirit of aloha through the kindness and generosity of their community.

If you would love to

If you feel unable to adopt a family, but still want to support us, please

Our Stories From 2022

Many Hands working Togehter

This annual campaign begins in September

as caseworkers statewide submit applications for individuals or families who face new hardships due to disease, accidents, spousal abuse, single parenting, and various events that are out of their control.

Caseworkers will write a story describing the situation and make a list of what each person would like, such as new toys, clothes, shoes, sports equipment and other non-electronic items.

The concept is to bring families together and for them to know that others care and to encourage them to “pay-it-forward” when they are able.

Sponsors are requested by the Laulima Team and video vignettes broadcasted on air and online by our media partner, KHON2.

If you would love to

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As a non-profit, Laulima depends solely upon the kind and generous donations from the local business communities. It receives no other type of funding.

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